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New Global Fumigation Corporation Model iPhone 6 Plus battery life gets a boost from OLED screen

iPhone 6 Plus battery life gets a boost from OLED screen

Apple is boosting the battery life of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by using a curved OLED screen that provides better visibility.

AppleInsider reports the new iPhones will get an additional five hours of screen-on time over the iPhone 6 with the OLED screen, while the iPhone 7 will get 12 hours.

The iPhone 7 Plus gets a 10-hour screen-over-time cycle.

Both iPhones have a 4.7-inch Super Retina display that measures 454 x 319 pixels, which Apple claims is the highest resolution in a phone this size.

Apple says the new screens will be the highest in the industry for a smartphone, and the display is more flexible than other high-resolution displays.

It’s also possible to see some differences in performance when the screen is curved versus a regular phone display.

The 6 Plus is capable of 4K video at 30 frames per second and the iPhone SE is capable on 1080p video at 60 frames per minute.

In a report published by AppleInsider, a user noted that the 6 Plus display is noticeably more reflective, and that it “shimmers more.”

It’s also able to produce a brighter screen with a more pronounced glow, while other displays have been shown to be more sensitive to glare.

A few other reports also indicated the new display will be able to deliver a much higher contrast ratio than the iPhone 5S and 5C, and it can provide better color accuracy in darker scenes.

It also promises more battery life, a larger battery capacity, and better overall efficiency, and there’s some more details on what those improvements will be.

The new iPhones have been in development for more than a year, with Apple launching the iPhone 8 last year and introducing the iPhone X and XS.

Apple is also adding new iPhones to its lineup to compete with rivals Samsung and LG.

The company says its new iPhones can be unlocked, which means the iPhone and iPad models are available for purchase online without having to pay a subscription fee.

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