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How to use your smartphone to unlock your Android device

A new feature on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, which launches in North America on Tuesday, lets you turn off the phone’s fingerprint sensor and unlock your device using just a voice command.

It’s an interesting feature, since it’s a relatively common feature on Android phones.

But the feature can also be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the process.

Here’s how it works.

First, tap the Home button to start a new voice command: This is where you’ll hear an image of your phone in the speaker.

The next time you tap it again, you’ll see a menu with the option to activate the feature.

Once you’re finished with that, just hit the Home and Power buttons to begin the unlock process.

You’ll be prompted to tap the fingerprint sensor on the back of your device.

After you do so, you can just hold your phone out and see what happens.

The feature works in both portrait and landscape orientation, and the fingerprint scanner will unlock the phone in either case.

Once the fingerprint is removed, you will see the screen of your Android smartphone in the center of the screen.

The fingerprint sensor can also detect the size of your fingerprint, so you can make a note of it.

The Fingerprint Scanner feature is only available for Galaxy S 8 owners who have installed a Galaxy S7 smartphone, and Samsung says the feature is currently only available on the Galaxy S9, S9+ and S9 mini.

Samsung hasn’t announced pricing for this feature, but if you use the feature with other phones, you might be able to expect a monthly fee.

This feature isn’t quite as convenient as unlocking a Samsung smartphone with a fingerprint reader, but it’s certainly a nice addition.

Here are the details on the Fingerprint scanner: Fingerprint sensor on phone.

Allows for a fingerprint scan to unlock a Samsung phone.

Requires a Samsung SIM card.

Requires two-factor authentication.

Fingerprint scan on phone and fingerprint scanner on phone can be turned off at any time, and you can also choose to have the scanner be turned on at any moment.

Fingerprints can be erased or erased manually.

Fingerprinted scanner on smartphone.

Allows the scanner to unlock the device.

Requires the phone to have a fingerprint sensor.

Requires fingerprint sensor in addition to the fingerprint scan.

Finger print scanner on Android phone.

Finger scanner on a Samsung device.

Allows you to scan your fingerprint against a fingerprint scanner to secure a Samsung-branded phone.

Cannot be used with other Samsung devices.

Requires an Android phone with a Samsung fingerprint sensor to unlock.

Finger fingerprint scan on Samsung device (S8).

Allows the fingerprint to be scanned against the sensor.

Finger sensor on a device.

Can be turned in or out.

Requires that the device be rooted or with a root access.

Requires root access for the device to unlock, and root access is required for the fingerprint scanners to work.

Finger Print Scanner on Android smartphone (S9).

Allows you, as an owner, to scan the fingerprint of the phone against the fingerprint reader on the device for a secure unlock.

Requires Root access for access to the device and fingerprint scanners.

Requires authentication for access.

Finger Touch Screen on iPhone (S6).

Allows Touch ID to be used to unlock an iPhone from the lock screen.

Touch ID cannot be used on other iPhone models.

Requires Touch ID for access, and Touch ID can be used for unlocking.

Finger ID on iPhone and Touch Screen (S7).

Allows iPhone and fingerprint sensor activation to be performed from the Lock Screen.

Touch sensor on iPhone only.

Allows Touch to be detected by Touch ID.

Touch screen on iPhone can be activated and deactivated by using the lock button.

Finger reader on iPhone.

Allows fingerprint sensor verification.

Finger Reader on iPhone requires an iOS device with Touch ID installed to be activated.

Finger readers for other iPhone phones are currently not supported.

Finger scan on iPhone in landscape orientation.

Allows an iPhone with an iPhone fingerprint sensor (iOS device, or Android device) to unlock in landscape.

FingerScanner on iPhone does not currently allow for the activation of the fingerprint.

Finger scanning is performed by using a physical device.

Finger scanners are typically attached to the back or bottom of the iPhone and can be accessed by pressing the Home, Power, and Home button simultaneously.

Finger Scanner can also perform a fingerprint sweep.

Touch Screen to unlock with Touch Screen.

Allows to unlock using Touch ID, and it can also provide a PIN code for the unlock.

Allows a PIN to be entered.

Allows unlocking to take place over Bluetooth.

Finger image can be scanned by using Touch Screen, allowing the device owner to verify the identity of the person using the fingerprint scanning feature.

Finger Image can be captured on the screen by pressing Home, and can then be scanned to unlock or deactivate the phone.

It also works for the lock and unlock modes.

Touch image can also scan from the Home screen, or use the camera in the camera app to scan images from the home screen. Finger and

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