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New Global Fumigation Corporation Price The world’s first cell phone anime is a hit with anime fans

The world’s first cell phone anime is a hit with anime fans

Juke Cell Phone is the first anime to be licensed by a Japanese company, and it’s a hit.

The anime, which has been streaming on Crunchyroll since May 5, has become the second anime licensed by the anime licensing company in less than a month.

The first anime was licensed in December 2016.

In addition to Juke, the company has licensed several other anime, including Gekijouban, which aired on Tokyo MX and Funimation, and the Dengeki Gourmet Rocket Gekkan Shonen Jump anime.

The company also licenses a variety of anime including Love Live!


and One Piece.

“We are so happy to see so many fans get into the anime industry,” Juke president Akihiro Yabuki told the Wall Street Journal in an interview.

The license of Juke was not renewed for another season, but the company was looking for a new home.

Juke is a comedy series about a young couple who move to the small town of Yurizan after their parents die.

The story centers around Juke’s older brother Takanomiya, who is a member of a band.

Takanomeya gets his chance to reunite with his brother when Juke moves to the town.

The main character of Juketown is Juke.

Juketsai is a cell phone.

Jukes anime has garnered a lot of attention, especially because the series is very light on the anime, with only one episode, and no music.

The show is set in the same world as the original manga series, but there are several differences.

Juki is a Japanese cellphone and there are no cell phones in the story.

In the original series, Juki has a small cell phone tower, which he uses to call his family and friends, as well as to catch up on messages.

Juku is the town’s mascot.

Jutsu, or Juke Sensei, is Jukitsai’s friend.

The manga series has not been translated into English, but it was adapted into an English version.

The series is also very popular on social media.

Fans have created Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and other social media accounts with the title Juke!

It’s the Juke!!


A fan posted a picture of Juki, a cell tower, and a message asking for help to “Make it go!”

The Twitter account that posted the image, @juketsi, has nearly 2,000 followers.

Juttsa is the name of the main character.

Jutsai is the main protagonist of Juku, who travels the world, often meeting other characters from the manga series.

Fans can use the hashtag #jukecellphone on Twitter to share photos of their cell phones.

Jucketsai has a cell on his hip.

“Juke Cell” is a word that can refer to a cell telephone.

Jike cell phone is a cellphone with a small display.

Jikes name is Jukes nickname.

Jugen is a Chinese word for cell phone and can refer in some circles to cell phones that feature a logo, or “Juku Sensei.”

The name Jukecell comes from a word “juke,” which means to catch.

In Japanese, juke is the Japanese word for “cell phone.”

Juke cell phones are popular with anime enthusiasts.

A Juke cellphone has the word Juke on the back.

Jiku is a juke-type device.

Jinken is an umbrella term for cell phones, similar to the term “juggling.”

Jinkens is a device for carrying one’s cell phone in one’s hand.

Jiu is a term for cellphone.

Jii is a slang term for “hand-held.”

Jiu means “cellphone.”

Jii has the kanji for “junk.”

It means “hand” in Japanese.

Jikumoku is a verb that means to be able to use a cellphone.

Its also the Japanese equivalent of “give me a call.”

Jikus mobile phones are known as the Jukitai or Juku Senseis.

Jiken is a name for a cell or mobile phone.

A jiken is made of metal.

Jiko is a short form of Jikun, which means “little cell.”

Jiko means “small.”

It can also refer to cell phone batteries.

The word Jiken also comes from the Japanese jiken, which is a battery, and kiko, which are both metal.

The jiken also can refer a cellphone battery.

Jitsu is a phrase that means “to be able” or “to carry.”

Jitsu means “carry.”

Jutsu means “jock.”

It is the verb jitsu, which translates to “to have a cellphone.”

Juku means “possess.”

It’s a slang name for cellphones. J

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