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New Global Fumigation Corporation Price Why Palm is testing an iPhone 5S cell phone microscope

Why Palm is testing an iPhone 5S cell phone microscope

Palm has just released its first iPhone 5s cell phone camera microscope, a smartphone camera with a small screen.

The iPhone 5 has a large screen.

This microscope, which uses an aluminum lens, is made to capture high-quality images.

The camera can take a wide angle view, and a wider angle view allows you to see objects from a distance.

The microscope also can focus, making it useful for photographing a variety of objects.

This cell phone phone microscope uses a camera with an 8-megapixel camera, the same size as the iPhone 5, to capture the images.

The microscope, the company says, was developed by “designing a phone camera that is not only easy to use, but that is also capable of capturing high-resolution images.”

It also uses a new type of battery that lasts for up to 15 hours of continuous shooting.

Palm says that while the phone camera is not intended to be used in a medical setting, it is “a great addition to a medical team.”

The phone camera on the left is made of a ceramic cell phone.

The phone is mounted in a plastic case and attached to a tripod with a magnet.

The case and tripod are made of aluminum.

The device measures 7.8 inches wide by 5.5 inches high.

On the right is the same camera.

The iPhone 5 camera uses an 8 megapixel camera.

It is a large lens with a wide-angle view.

This lens can take an 8:1 image.

The lens is not for photography in a hospital setting.

In a hospital environment, you want to focus on a particular area of the body, and this camera can do that.

It’s a great tool for imaging body parts, for example.

In addition to the iPhone phone camera, Palm is also testing a new smartphone microscope that uses a smartphone, a microscope and a camera to create a digital model of the human body.

It will be a commercial product, and will not be a product for doctors or patients.

The phone microscope is the first of a series of new phones Palm is making.

The company said in the video that it is also developing a microscope that will work on an iPad.

Palm has made its own smartphones in the past, but these were for medical use.

This is the company’s first attempt at making a smartphone microscope.

It says that the smartphone microscope will “have a powerful imaging capability that will enable a wide range of applications for patients and physicians.”

It will also “provide the best quality images from mobile phones” and “provides greater clarity and focus when using smartphone cameras.”

The company says the iPhone camera is the largest camera it has ever made.

The cellphone camera is small.

It takes an 8MP image.

And the iPhone is still relatively small.

But the phone microscope has a small display.

The camera’s design, the phone’s design and the iPhone’s design are all things that the iPhone team wanted to keep under wraps.

But in an interview with The Verge, CEO and cofounder Jony Ive said that the phone team wanted the iPhone to be a “mobile camera” and that this microscope would be the iPhone that Apple made.

The company has been making smartphones for years.

But this is the most recent iteration, and it will be available in October.

In the past it has sold phones with cameras that can capture 4K video.

The latest iPhone, which is expected to be released in late 2017, has a larger, more powerful camera that can take 1080p videos.

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