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Which cell phone spying malware can you trust?

The following article discusses a recent report on the security and functionality of cell phone spy software that was made public by the security firm Symantec.

The company, which is a subsidiary of German defense company SAP, recently released a report which found that the security of more than 2 million Android phones is compromised by two types of spyware: cell phone camera spyware and cell phone listening app spyware.

The report said that both of these types of software have been found in almost 200,000 phones in the United States, including nearly 600,000 Android phones.

Symantec said in a statement to CNET that the spyware was discovered by a researcher at the security company FireEye who worked with SymantEC’s Mobile Intelligence team.

FireEye identified the spy software as the Cellphone Spyware by the name of Adium, which the company said was the same as the Android spyware found in the U.S. The malware, which can be installed on smartphones or tablets, intercepts communications and sends them to the target device, which in turn intercepts and reads them.

Fireeye also said the malware uses a special “cell phone microphone” that mimics a cell phone handset.

Firefally said that Symantech is working with law enforcement agencies to find the malware and take action against those responsible for it.

“We have a lot of work to do to find this malware, but we are doing everything possible to ensure that all Android phones are protected,” Firefally wrote.

“The malware was also spotted on a range of other devices, including some Samsung phones, and we believe this may be the first time that we have found this on a Samsung device.”

It’s unclear how many Android phones have been infected with Cellphone Surveillance and listening apps.

However, the report says that “the most common variant of Adiac is on the Galaxy S4 and S5 devices” and that “several variants of Adia have been detected on a variety of Android phones.”

The report also said that the malware was found on the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was among the devices that were affected.

The report did not say whether any other Samsung devices were affected by the spy apps.

The Symanteca report also found that many of the spy programs were distributed by China’s GreatFireGroup and by a number of other vendors.

Fireware used by these vendors was not included in the Symantectex report.

It was unclear if the malware that was found was the “Fake” version of the Cell Phone Spyware or the “Real” version.

The companies that made the reports were not immediately available for comment.

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