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New Global Fumigation Corporation Price The world’s first cell phone with an earphone is on sale

The world’s first cell phone with an earphone is on sale

A toddler cell-phone earbud earphone has been available for sale on eBay for less than $50 for the past week, according to a report from the Australian Business Traveller.

The seller, who goes by the name of kylehjames, said he wanted to show the world the power of the mobile phone earpiece.

The earbod is designed to fit over the ear and can detect whether someone is talking on a mobile phone.

“I wanted to do something that could actually do something in real time, I wanted to see how people actually used their cell phones on a regular basis,” he said.

“I really wanted to prove to the world that we can actually make something that people want to use.”

He had initially intended to make the device for use by toddlers but quickly realised that the price tag made it impractical.

After researching various ways to make a cheap, durable earphone, he settled on using a simple metal tube.

“Basically, it’s just a tube of metal, a little bit thicker than a regular phone case, that fits under the ear,” he explained.

“It’s not as strong as a normal phone, but it’s still not that strong.”

After assembling the device, he attached it to his smartphone to make sure it was securely attached to the device.

Kylehajames, who works as a consultant in IT services, is currently trying to sell his first product on eBay, and has not been able to reach an agreement with anyone yet.

“We’ve tried all the different people that we could find and they’ve all said that they’re not interested in selling me a cell phone earphone at this price point, so I’m not sure what I’m doing,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He said the idea for the earbode came about when he was at work one day, but he quickly realised it was a great way to keep track of his kids’ cell phones.

The company is currently offering the earphone for $30 and the tube is available for purchase for $20.

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